Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Is Hubert Brown?

My name is Rhonda Brown.  Hubert Brown is my son. Approximately one year ago in 2012, he and his very pregnant wife, went to pick his check up for work that he had completed installing a fence.

The individual holding his check had given him the run a round and acted very strange. Later it would be determined that this individual had been using cocaine and alcohol.

Hubert asked again for his check and the friend/co-worker attacked him. During this attack another party came out of the house and hit my son in the head with an iron pipe, he proceeded to beat my son in the head with this pipe while two men held him down.

My son left this house with severe gashes to the head. Police went to my son's home and called an ambulance to pick him up as, he bled profusely. My son was later erroneously charged with attempted murder. He did not attempt to murder anyone. An individual at the scene of my son's crime actually slashed another man with a knife on the hands. That man should have been charged with attempted murder and not my son.

My son has been in the York County Detention Center for the past year charged with attempted murder, burglary, unlawful use of the telephone and obstruction of justice. All of these charges are trumped up charges to pin a crime on my son and not the actual prepetrator of the crimes.

I feel as though my son was an easy target simply because he had previously been incarcerated.

Below are results of the life threatening blows that my son substained to the head, ankle and foot.